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cold brew green tea

You find a lot of cold brew coffee around these days. I went to this one coffee shop recently that infused hops with their cold brew. They served it out of a nitro tap, more to make it creamy than carbonated. It wasn’t beer. There was no alcohol in it. It was kind of strange. It smelled like hops. That part was nice. But it tasted almost like a homebrew gone wrong. Although it had a decent aftertaste. I’m still confused whether I liked it or not.

So yeah, as cold brew coffee is becoming more popular, cold brew tea is starting to take off.

cold brew green tea with nectarine

Cold brew requires very little hands on time. How long does it take you to fill a glass with water and add some tea leaves? It’s leaving it in the fridge for 24 hours that gets people. But it’s really not that bad, and if you make a quart, you’ll have it for a few days.

I infused it with slices of nectarine. Try it with different fruit, herbs, or whole spices.

cold brew green tea with nectarine

Cold Brew Tea Ratio:
1 tablespoon loose tea leaves (9 grams) to 3 cups of water (24 oz). If using a quart jar, you can use the markings on the jar to measure the water. Use 3 tea bags if using tea bags.

I added one nectarine, sliced with the pit removed.

After you refrigerate it for a day, strain the tea leaves out, so it doesn’t over steep. You can keep the fruit in there if you want for an extra day.